how to get unstuck

How to Get Yourself Unstuck and Live a Life You Love

9 Questions to Help You Clarify Exactly What Your Want

We all know what our next step in life is but we don’t slow down long enough to connect to our inner wisdom and hear the guidance. Instead, we run around in circles feeling frustrated and disappointed that the life we are living isn’t in alignment with our dreams.

So many people do not realize the power they have to change their situations. Using a journal to help you ask and answer questions will connect you to your inner guide and clarify how to move forward.

Clarity comes through questioning yourself to get the answers.

Asking questions of yourself helps you understand what you want and need, and sometimes why you want it. If you go through a series of questions, you will uncover what you wish to have, which will help you bring it into your life.

Use questions with key life areas you want to change. These life areas can include:
● Love and Relationships
● Money and Finances
● Work and Career
● Spirituality
● Family
● Health
● Personal Development

What Questions to Ask

Here are a series of coaching questions you can ask for any of the life areas you want to transform. These questions are designed to give you more clarity into what you want. I encourage you to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed to start.

Write the first question on a fresh page in your journal. And then without thinking or editing allow your heart to answer the answer allowing the pen flow across the page.

Here are the questions:
1. What do you want more of in your life?
2. What do you want less of?
3. What does success look like to you?
4. What is the most important thing in the world to you? Why?
5. What could be the very first step towards meeting your goal?
6. What is one thing you could do to give yourself more possibilities?
7. Who can you ask for help?
8. How do you normally sabotage yourself – and what will you do differently
this time?
9. How will you feel when you’ve reached your goals?

As you journal your thoughts and feelings on your answers to these questions you will gain the clarity you crave and the confidence to know what your next step is to create the life you’re dreaming of.

You don’t need to go after all your dreams at once. Let your discoveries percolate by taking a step back and looking at the big picture. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you realize there are numerous shifts to make.

Start small with completing one action you can do in under ten minutes. Then do another action. Six months from now you’ll look back and thank yourself for taking the time to gain the clarity and the courage to ask yourself these questions.

If you need more support check out my coaching programs here. I’d love to help you create a life you are excited to wake up to every morning.

“You will know you made the right decision; you feel the stress leave your body, your mind, your life.” ~Brigitte Nicole