“In their connection with us, horses breathe new life into our hearts and revive our souls.”

What is EAS©?

EAS© (Equine Assisted Support) offers a unique approach to personal growth and transformation. EAS© integrates supportive guidance and life coaching with experiential interactions with horses.

Rooted in the principles of equine-assisted interventions, EAS© provides individuals with the opportunity to explore and address a variety of issues, gaining insight into their thoughts, beliefs, communication, relationships, and habits that may be impacting their lives in non-helpful ways.

Through professionally guided interactions with horses on the ground, participants engage in deep self-discovery and empowerment. Sessions are designed to facilitate profound and transformational personal experiences, allowing individuals to apply new insights and learning to real-life challenging situations.

Coaching with horses in EAS© enables participants to cultivate new practices for achieving balance and success in life and relationships, embrace personal growth, develop leadership skills, and find peace and acceptance through a transformative process. By partnering with our equine guides, individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking the potential for profound transformation and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.

EAS©  is client-focused, and we work in equal partnership. It is not a mental health treatment. EAS© was developed by Marianne Dispiso.

Is EAS© for you?

It is absolutely something you will enjoy if you…

  • Love animals and horses
  • Respect that animals have certain rights and choices
  • Share beliefs (or are open-minded) around a universal sense of spirituality
  • Believe that animals can communicate with us in many ways
  • Can benefit from emotional support
  • Feel 100% committed to getting your horsePOWER back and keeping it!

It is not for you if you identify with one or many of the following:

  • Have strong fears around animals
  • Believe the purpose of animals is mainly for food
  • Believe horses are only for riding sports
  • Adhere strictly to a single religious denomination
  • Consider yourself more of a scientific or fact-based person
  • Want or require traditional psychotherapy or medical intervention

Not Sure EAS© is Right for You?

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