Hi! I’m Desirée.

Let me give you a big virtual hug and say welcome!

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, chances are you are weary from the weight of fear, disillusionment, and perhaps even resentment towards the path you find yourself treading. But take heart sweet soul, for you are not alone. You landed here because deep within, you sense the call for something more profound, more authentic—a yearning for a life that transcends mere survival.

I understand.

I’ve walked the path of shattered dreams as life twisted and turned creating unexpected events and challenging transitions. I have been adrift many times as life’s upheavals left me consumed by anxiety, panic attacks, despair and a profound sense of loss. It was amidst the ruins of my marriage that I awakened to the realization that I had allowed others’ definitions of success to dictate the course of my existence and my happiness.

A cascade of trials followed the divorce in rapid succession—multiple losses of loved ones, the cruel stroke of illness, financial challenges, and the aftermath of an accident—each blow threatened to extinguish the hope within me. Yet, in the unraveling and unlearning of everything that I knew to be true about my life and myself, I rose stronger. I refused to be defined by my circumstances. Instead I chose to rewrite my narrative, heal my trauma and create a life filled with passion, purpose, and unbridled joy.

In my journey back from just surviving to living in alignment with my sacred heart, I discovered meditation which transformed my life and then a profound ally in the wisdom of horses that took my healing to a deeper soul level.

Horses have been my passion since early childhood. I vividly recall riding my bike with makeshift reins, strings tied to the handlebars. I would mimic trotting instead of running through schoolyards.

I was horse crazy!

At the age of 8 my dad bought me my first horse. By age 10, I began competing in a range of disciplines, including Western and English pleasure classes, barrel racing, trail classes, and  years later, dressage. However, as I moved into adulthood I set aside my equestrian pursuits to pursue a conventional path of college, marriage, and motherhood.

Three decades later, amidst a shamanic vision journey, the call of horses stirred again in my soul.  Fate led me to the Second Chance Cheekye Ranch at the start of the pandemic where I met Skye, my beloved equine coaching partner. It was as if the Universe has orchestrated our meeting. In those first moments as we stood together in her paddock, her head resting on my heart, I felt seen, loved and whole again.

My journey into coaching began as a fitness coach in 2008, driven by a desire to empower new moms through my passion for running, triathlons, and holistic well-being. Over time, my path evolved, leading me from fitness coaching to life coaching and then onto health coaching, supporting individuals with chronic pain. Through my own experience of navigating disruptive life transitions I developed a blueprint for resilience and optimal living that I shared on my podcast and as an inspirational speaker on stages across North America.

Now I work as an equine-assisted life coach in the valley of the Tantalus mountain range in British Columbia, Canada. I blend the art of life coaching with the transformative power of horses, nature, breath work, and meditation. I guide women back to peace, purpose and joy through the path of their heart.

Beyond my credentials of being a coach, author, meditation guide and breath work practitioner lies a deeper truth—a mission that emanates from deep within my soul. It’s a mission to illuminate the path back to the heart, to empower women to reclaim their innate worthiness, and to embrace the full spectrum of their divine essence.

So, if you find yourself wandering through a maze of uncertainty and fear, know that you’re not alone. Together, let us embark on a journey of self-discovery, of healing, and of equine-guided transformation.

Horses will break you open where you didn’t even realize you had a crack.