Self Love Meditation

Meditate for Self-Love

Many of us get caught up in the negative thoughts that spiral around in our heads. With these limiting thoughts playing on repeat we begin to believe them as being true. This results in feelings of self-doubt and fear, losing the confidence to go after our dreams.

For many of my clients these self-limiting thoughts are often caused by a deeper belief, which is that, they do not feel worthy of love. Through societal conditioning many of us have come to believe that we are not enough as we are and we must do something to be worthy of love.

It is believing that only when we are thinner, smarter, more successful, will be worthy of love that pushes us constantly forward striving to be more. But it simultaneously leaves us feeling empty, disconnected and drowning in a lack of confidence.

How amazing life would be if we were taught we are worthy of love just for just one reason – because we exist!

When you don’t feel worthy of love, you make disempowered choices. My own history of abuse and being told I wasn’t loveable, left deep scars in the core of who I was. My identity was completely out of alignment with my true essence causing me to fall into a series of bad relationships, and create habits that didn’t serve my highest self.

Meditation was the tool that allowed me to sift through the beliefs that no longer rang true for me.  I became a curious observer questioning what I was thinking and feeling every time I sat on my cushion.

Through my regular practice, I quieted the inner mean girl in my head that bullied and criticized me. I started to treat her with gentleness and compassion, giving myself what I needed the same way I would give of myself to my best friend who was hurting. Meditating on love and opening up my heart to my own love was the start of a beautiful transformation.

I created this self-love meditation to help you reconnect to your own heart, and to remind you that you are worthy of your own love.  I hope it begins your own transformation into worthiness.

With love + light,