The Magic of Your Own Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

You are loved just as you are.

You do not need to do anything or be anything more to receive love.  You are perfect. Do you know that? I hope so. And if you don’t…that’s ok.  You are not alone.

There was a time in my life that I had everything I thought I needed to create a happy life, yet I still felt empty and continued my search for the next thing to fill me up.

It was after my life fell apart, more than a decade ago, I went on a journey to uncover the deeper meaning of my life.  And the one thing I found, that I had been missing, to feel truly fulfilled and at peace, was my own love.

Self- love is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life.

I didn’t know what self-love was when I first heard the concept. I initially equated it to self-care like taking bubble baths and getting a manicure. And while self-care is important, it took me years to fully grasp the concept of what it meant to truly love myself. And when I did my life shifted. It was as though I had opened a magical door to happiness and peace. Only when we accept and embrace all of who we are, both the light and the dark sides, can we fall in love with our life and the world around us.

Learning to love yourself will change your life.

Here are three quick practices that I use with my coaching clients to help them reconnect to their own true love.

1.Mirror Gaze

I invite you to stand in front of a mirror. Look deep into your beautiful eyes and smile at the woman staring back at you. Then tell her what you have been yearning to hear from others.  What do you need to hear right now to feel loved? (Example: You are pretty. You are more than enough. You matter. You are amazing! You are worthy of love.) Even if you don’t believe these things keep repeating them. They will absorb into your sub-conscious and eventually you will hear these as truths. You can take this practice one step further by writing the words you need to hear down on post-it notes and placing them where you can see them daily.

2. Sit Still

A daily meditation practice can increase your feelings of self-love by connecting you to your higher self. Your higher self is always trying to reach you and by sitting in silence you will feel the love she has for you. This practice will leave you feeling calm and connected. If you are new to meditation, start by finding a quiet spot and just sitting silently for a few minutes. (I like to light a candle when I meditate in reverence of the sacredness within my own heart.) When you are finished say a little prayer of gratitude and you will feel your heart expand with love.

3. Say Your Name

Your name is sacred. Think back to the countless times in your life that other people have said your name in a moment of love. You can connect to a deep well of love within by chanting your name repeatedly. (Let the rhythm of your name carry you!) The first time I did this practice the tears flowed.  It felt as though I was finally acknowledging who I was at a deep soul level. This is an incredibly powerful practice that will open you up to your own love.

This Valentine’s Day instead of expecting or relying on the love you desire to come from someone else give yourself the love you are looking for. When you love and accept yourself deeply and unconditionally miracles begin to unfold.

Let this song remind you of your light.

Check out this post for more ideas on how to give yourself your own love today, or on any day throughout the year.

With BIG love,