Tea Meditation

A Quick and Simple Meditation for People Too Busy to Meditate

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” ~ Old Zen saying

The number one reason my clients don’t meditate regularly is that they say they don’t have time.

However, if you have time to drink a cup of tea (or coffee), you can meditate.  Any activity that you bring your full awareness to and realigns is a meditative experience.

All that is required for this meditation is that you stay mindful when you drink tea. So simple, right? I invite you to make yourself a cup of your favourite tea and follow the guidance below. I also recorded a free guided audio meditation for those who prefer to listen.

1. Take your tea and find a comfortable chair without your phone, computer, or television on.

2. As you hold the cup of tea in both hands, become aware of your breath as you slow down. Breathe in the beautiful aroma and give thanks for this soothing cup of tea.

3. Take a small sip.  What are the flavours that roll over your tongue and slide down your throat?  If you close your eyes and take another sip, does that heighten the flavours you experience? (Please make sure the tea isn’t too hot as you sip with your eyes closed.)

4.  With each sip, let yourself soften and relax. This moment is just for you. Release any worries and fears for the next few moments. You are giving yourself the gift of love with each sip. Let your heart open to receive your own care.

5. Observe any thoughts, emotions, or feelings that bubble up. Acknowledge them, but don’t follow them or build a story around them. Let them float away. Trust that if anything important surfaced, it will come back. Just keep bringing your focus back to the tea.

6. Continue to stay in this moment as you nourish your soul with this calm. Become aware of what it feels like in your body when you pause and reconnect with the present moment.

7. When you finish your cup, give thanks for the tea and this moment of peace. You are worthy of your own love and nourishment! And if time allows, pour a second cup!

Happy sipping and meditating!