Empowered Choices Come From Within


“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you find it hard to make a choice?

Research suggests that we are faced with making over 35,000 choices a day! That’s a whole lot of decision-making.

Often we are challenged to make difficult choices when we aren’t at our best –sleep-deprived, stressed and overwhelmed. Sound familiar?

When I am tired I often make hasty decisions filled with emotion. And typically, those decisions never turn out to be my most empowered ones. There have also been times I avoided making any decision at all because I was too fearful and too uncertain on which choice to make. And those moments, as I look back, are where I missed a great opportunity or my life detoured.

We create our life through a series of choices stacked upon each other over time. Often the choices that seemed inconsequential tend to carry more weight than we realize. It’s only years later when we are unhappy in our life or a job, where we have the courage to look back and ask, “How did I get here?”

It is always easier to make a powerful choice when you nourished and and rested. When you are in in a calm peaceful state you can make choices with intention and heart that will move you towards the life you desire. The next time you are faced with a challenging choice take a moment to check in with your inner world and ask yourself:


1. Am I rested?
Don’t discount the importance of sleep when making a choice. When you are sleep-deprived the part of the brain that controls emotions, the pre-frontal cortex, malfunctions and the necessary cognitive skills for decision-making are lost.


2. Am I nourished?
Beyond making you cranky and impatient, being hungry—or more specifically, having low blood sugar—may actually change the way that you make decisions. When you have lower blood sugar levels you are more likely to opt for immediate rewards. Take the time to eat and nourish your body with healthy whole foods and you’ll make better decisions as you plan for your future.


3. Have I moved my body?
When faced with a big decision, the worst thing you can do is let it paralyze you. Short bouts of exercise increase blood flow to the area of the brain responsible for executive brain functions, like making those important decisions. Get up and move your body! I have made some of my best choices while on runs through the mountain trails when I am connected to both my body and my breath.


4. Where is my breath coming from?
Your breath is the single most effective way of connecting with your body, mind and heart- and making space to hear your inner wisdom. Slow deep inhales and exhales will calm your mind and allow inspiration and guidance from your soul to flow. 


5. Am I connected to my heart?
Fear can take over when you are faced with making a choice and the inner critic in your head can get loud and bossy, urging you to avoid risks. If you are living from your worried mind make time to sink deep into your heart. You can do this by placing your hand on your heart and breathing in deeply. Close your eyes. Take 3-4 deep breaths. And with your hand remaining over your heart envision the breath moving into your heart centre. Feel the energy here and try to feel your heart beating. Stay here for a few moments. As  you focus on our heart you may feel a knowing or instinctual wisdom of what your next steps are.


We can’t avoid making choices but we can make the most powerful decisions for our life. Make space to connect with your heart, nourish your body and the mind will make decisions with greater ease and confidence.

The power of our choices defines our life. The choice is yours to create a life you love!


With love + light,