Time to Get Quiet


Have you ever had one of those days?

You know the kind of day where you feel overwhelmed and look up at the heavens and yell, “ENOUGH”!

I had one of those days yesterday.

I felt overwhelmed. My mind was racing. My inner critic had turned up her volume so loud I was stuck in the depths of negativity. All my exiting projects suddenly felt too much. The day felt too much. I couldn’t make any decisions. I just wanted the day to end.

I reached into my coaching toolkit to fix what I was feeling. I tried exercise, journaling and meditation. I reached out to a friend. But I couldn’t shut down the thoughts racing through my head long enough to stop the anxiety consuming me.

Nothing was working.

I was sitting in my car when I remembered to breathe. I took a few deep breaths when it hit me. I was too agitated to do anything. I had to stop trying to fix what I was feeling and feel it.

So I went home, made a cup of my favourite karma peace herbal tea, (just the name evokes calm), lit an Aveda candle and laid on my bed. I turned my phone on silent and got quiet.

Really quiet.

Putting one hand on my heart, the other on my belly, I turned my attention inwards and breathed deep. With each breath I could feel my heart slowing down, my thoughts softening and the inner critic loosening her grip on me.

Lying there I felt the fear leaving my body and my heart opening. As I stopped struggling I was flooded with feelings of love and peace. What I was facing in my day hadn’t changed in those few moments, yet  I started to feel more calm and trusting.

Instead of fighting what I was feeling and trying to fix it, I allowed myself to feel it.Aand as I did it it released its hold on me. I could feel a shift occur deep within my body. The thoughts stopped racing. I could hear the whispers of my heart providing guidance of what I needed to do with the challenges I was facing. I got up feeling encouraged and inspired.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, fearful or anxious just STOP.

Stop doing. Stop trying to analyze what you are feeling. Stop trying to fix it. Get out of your head and move into your heart. All the answers you need are there. You just have to slow down, breathe deep and listen.

With love and light,