5 Ways to Survive a Tough Day

“You can’t control the storm so stop trying. All you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.”

It’s ok not be ok.

Despite all the happiness memes offered on social media, the truth is no one can be happy all the time. Having negative emotions is part of the human experience.  Life isn’t perfect. There will be challenges. And while we can’t control what happens we can control how we respond.

Here are my top five ways to realign back to peace during a tough time.

1.Feel Your Way Through

One of the best ways to shift negative emotions of frustration, sadness, overwhelm, or fear is to make space to feel  your emotions. Find a quiet spot and take a few deep breaths. Put everything aside except to connect with your breath and your emotions. Breathe in deep. Allow yourself to soften as you exhale. Honour anything that rises up and with each exhale release your feelings.  Repeat 3, 5, 10 cycles.

2. Unplug

Take a day or even a full weekend away from your phone. Let your brain rest.

3. Get Outside

Go for a walk or just sit outside for a few minutes. Feeling the sunshine, the wind, or the rain against your face will  release the chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy.

4. Call a Friend

Hearing the voice of a loved one offers an anchor in a tough day. Share how you are feeling and let them uplift you. Friends love to help!

5. Move Your Body

Whether you head to the gym, a walk in nature, or just get up and have a dance party for one movement (and music) will shift you back into joy.

There are some other things I do when I am having a tough day which include: meditating and using the mantra, “peace is within me”. I light my favourite scented candle, buy myself flowers, cuddle my dog, and sometimes I go hang around a book store to feel good.

I’d love to hear what you do to shift back into happiness when you’re having a tough day.

Trust that this tough day will pass. You will be ok again.

Sending you a virtual hug,


P.s. Are you all work and no play? Making time to have fun and do things that make us laugh and smile are essential in our ability to manage stress. Not sure what is fun to you anymore? Check out my free mini passion challenge and rediscover what sets your soul on fire.