Why You Need A Passion Project

Why You Need a Passion Project

If you are searching for that “something” that will infuse your life with a little more joy and excitement, it may be time to start a passion project.

A passion project is something that you do or create solely for yourself. You don’t feel forced to do it. Instead, your heart calls you to do it. When you discover your passion project, you will feel alive as the fire in your soul reignites!

When you choose to start a passion project for the sole reason it is important to your heart, shifts begin to take in your life almost immediately. You will feel happier, less stressed, and increasingly energized as your idea takes hold. Life will feel easier as you are pulled towards your heart’s desire.

I’ve had passion projects for most of my adult life. From writing a book to training for a marathon, I always made time for my passion projects, despite being a solo parent working full-time and recovering from a serious illness.

Here are five reasons I encourage you to pursue a passion project:

1. Expand Your Happiness

If you are aren’t waking up feeling excited and enthused about the day, it could be because you are sleep-walking through life. The routines of everyday living can put us on auto-pilot. When we get stuck doing the same things day after day, our brain falls asleep and we lose our sparkle. A passion project awakens your soul and your brain as you learn new skills, meet new people, and shake up your life. All of this in turn will increase your happiness.

2. Add Fun to Your Life

Having a passion project makes life fun again as you break free of routines and try new things. When my daughter and I took up hula-hooping, we laughed every day as we practiced in parking lots and at the beach. Having a passion project infuses your life with joy! That happiness will carry over into other parts of your life that aren’t fun but necessary, such as vacuuming, getting an oil change, or paying taxes.

3. Honour Your Need to Create

Do you have a burning desire to paint, garden, or exercise your creativity in any form? A passion project gives you an outlet to let your creative talents shine. You might express your creativity by designing macramé plant hangers, making jewelry, restoring old furniture, or producing a podcast. No matter what you are creating, when you feel the pull from your heart to create, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

4. Make a Difference in the World

Passion projects can support your desire to make a difference in the world. Not every project has to make a difference to thousands of people. A tiny book or act of service can have a profound impact on the people around us. Projects, like building a community garden, offering your skills to a women’s shelter, or mentoring young girls, can transform someone else’s life while changing your own.

5. Generate Extra Income

While I don’t think money should be the initial or sole purpose, a passion project can also generate extra income. Passion projects also may lead you to create new side businesses. Start a passion project because it’s time for you to do something for yourself; to feel more energy, more aliveness, and joy in your life again. Start with that purpose and watch what can happens!

If you’ve been asking yourself if there is more to life than what you have been experiencing, the answer is YES! Isn’t it time you gave it to yourself?

What is the thing that sets your soul on fire? I encourage you to start there.

If you don’t have a passion project, I invite you to try my free, five-day Passion Project challenge. It’s a mini journey you do at your own pace to discover and reconnect with the things and activities that light you up. If you already have an idea and want to do a deep dive into bringing it to life I can help. Check out my strategy session here.

With love + light,