Three Quick Strategies to Infuse Calm into Your Holiday Season

“There’s a comer of quietness which has to be known and held. If lose that enter, you are in tension and begin to fall apart.” ~ Joseph Campbell


Don’t let the busyness of the holiday season destroy your sense of calm and peace.

Calmness is always available to you.  

You can choose it in any moment by turning inwards and making space for it. By making your soul a priority in the hustle of the holidays you can experience calmness, clarity and confidence no matter what’s going on around you.

Here are three simple strategies or practices to take charge of your inner sanctuary.

I invite you to try the one that resonates with your heart as you read through them. Your inner world doesn’t have to reflect your external state. You always have a choice to calm down the chaos in your mind and restore peace in your soul.  

1. Morning Miracle Minute

Instead of starting your day reaching for your phone, take a moment after you wake-up to take a deep breath in slowly and consciously. Allow yourself to soak in the beauty of the day ahead of you. Before your mind races off with all the things that you have to get done, take a minute to sink into the fact you actually woke up and that you “get” to do all those tasks on your list. Taking this one minute will shift your mind into a miracle mindset.

2. Untether Yourself from Technology

When you are feeling overwhelmed with emails on your computer and social media on your phone – PAUSE. Put your phone face down on your desk, or better yet in your purse or tuck it away in a drawer.  You will notice peace that is available to you the moment you take a break from the digital pressures. Now close your eyes and bring your attention inwards. Where is your breath coming from? Are you breathing from your chest or deep from your belly?

Bring your awareness to what you are experiencing in the moment. How do you feel? Anxious or angry? Frazzled or sad? What is your energy like? Do you feel vibrant or depleted? Don’t judge yourself if you feel out of alignment. Take a moment and in your mind’s eye imagine filling yourself up with kindness, peace, compassion, and love. Become aware of what it feels like to be in your body when you give yourself your own love.

3. Activate Gratitude

Focusing on what you have in your life, instead of what is missing, is a simple and quick way to instantly move you from anxiety to calm and elevate your happiness. When we are grateful we instantly shift our mindset from fear and scarcity to abundance and joy. Try it now.

Active gratitude is a simple practice where you pause and think of three things you are grateful,  right now in this moment. You can give thanks out loud if you are in your car or alone in your office, or silently in your head if you are in a meeting or at the mall. Doing this shifts your attention into the present moment where peace is found. You can’t be anxious or fearful when you are actively being thankful (gratitude is a true superpower!).

There is always something to be grateful for.  Think about it – what makes you smile? What fills your heart with joy? Maybe it’s the coffee you are drinking, the song on the radio, your kids, or that you don’t work this weekend. When we look for the joy we find it.

Doing these simple practices of returning to your breath, to the present moment and to the gifts right in front of you will replace hustle and overwhelm with alignment and calm.

And you are worthy of a minute of your own love and kindness, aren’t you?

Wishing you love + light this holiday season,