Gifts with Soul

This year give your family and friends meaningful gifts that will make their soul happy.  Here are eleven of my favourite soulful items for the people in your life. May this list inspire you to give with soul this holiday season.

1. Meaningful Jewellery

I absolutely adore the beautiful and meaningful jewelry made in Canada by Mikala Jewelry. Monica, the soul behind these amazing creations, infuses each piece with crystals, intention, and love.

2. Planners

This unique planner isn’t just beautiful, inside there is space for appointments and to-do lists along with journal prompts, affirmations and more. It is a simple gift for that organized soul in your life. I have tried various planners throughout the years but keep coming back to The Desire Map Planner(I love the planner so much I became an affiliate!)

3. Essential Oils

This limited edition advent calendar from Sage Wellness celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas with a twist. Instead of opening up the calendar for a chocolate, you experience a new essential oil to feel each moment of Christmas.

4. Gift of Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation is the ultimate healing gift for someone who needs a little more peace and calm in their life. Find a local mediation center and give the gift that keeps giving long after the experience ends.  

5. Books with Soul

Change someone’s life with a book that offers a new way of thinking or being and provides them with tools to shift their life. I shared a few of my favourite personal development books here… If you know a soul going through a tough time my little book of inspiration may be a light for them.

6. Truthbomb Decks

Do you know a soul in need of a little encouragement? This beautifully designed deck of quotes created by Danielle LaPorte provides insightful messages, which will slow you down and connect you with your Divine Self throughout the year. I love asking guests to choose a card when they drop by for a visit. The card drawn is always just the perfect one. Check them out here.

7. Soul Mug

Pretty words written on your cup will reminder with your morning coffee that all is well with your soul. Available here.

8. Candles

Candles always offer a feeling of reverence during the holidays (well anytime really!). This Peace Candle is 100% pure essential oils in an Ayurvedic blend with fennel, coriander and peppermint will instantly soothe your soul.

9. Gift of Reflexology

Give your loved one a unique massage- a foot massage! Reflexology is an ancient healing technique that restores balance, alleviates stress, relaxes the mind, and improve overall health. Footworks Reflexology in a favourite of mine.

10. Evening of Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. Research has shown that it is wonderfully good for our health to laugh regularly. So why not buy a couple of tickets to a comedy club and spread some holiday cheer? I love going to improv at TheatreSports. Always a terrific evening of belly laughs!

11. Online Workshop or Coaching

Tell the person you love that they are worth investing in themselves with a gift of life coaching. If there is someone in your life who is at a crossroads in their life working with a coach could be the perfect gift to a happier life. I offer both an online group coaching program as well as 1:1 coaching for those who want quicker results. A beautiful gift certificate will be emailed to you to share.


Wishing you a peaceful and soulful holiday season!