22 Ways I Brought My Life Into Alignment with My Soul


For most of my life, I tried to be someone other than who I am.

I thought happy successful people had some kind of insider secret to happiness that I hadn’t learned, or a golden ticket to happiness, I hadn’t received. I believed if I acted, dressed and became like these other people then my life would be as magical and wonderful as theirs appeared.

It didn’t work for me.

The more I tried to be someone other than myself, the more I felt lost, lonely and unhappy in my own life.

It took me more than a decade to shed the untruth that if I became someone other than me, then I would be happy and successful.

I had it wrong.

I had to become the me I was always meant to be to be happy, to feel peaceful, and to have a magical wonderful life.

Becoming my true self didn’t happen all at once but rather in small steps. I had to first reacquaint myself with the woman I had hidden away for decades, and then slowly unveil her to the world.

As I started on this journey back to my true self, the life I had created didn’t feel like it fit anymore.

It took huge courage to burn down the life I had known to create the life I was meant to live.

It meant following my heart even when my mind told me it wasn’t safe. But I am in service to my soul self now. There is no going back. At the start of 2018, I made the commitment to live with my soul leading the way.

Here are some of the ways I brought my life back into alignment with my soul this year:

1. Spoke my truth even when my voice shook with fear and uncertainty

2. Made meditation a non-negotiable daily priority

3. Dreamed bigger dreams

4. Took inspired action even when it felt scary and uncomfortable which resulted in completing the first draft of my second book and creating a new online coaching program

5. Focused on nourishing my soul with time alone in the forest and at the ocean

6. Prayed

7. Expanded my team of healers

8. Made sleep a priority and my bedroom a luxurious retreat from the world

9. Unchained my heart from anger and past hurts with forgiveness, compassion, and grace

10. Made sensuous pleasure a priority

11. Hired a virtual assistant because no one woman can do it all

12. Surrendered the things that didn’t make sense and worked towards accepting what is…..ahhh…Peace!

13. Released toxic relationships with loving kindness and gave thanks for the lessons these people taught me

14. Made myself my number one priority

15. Made time to laugh and cry and time to be angry and to sink fully into joy

16. Said ‘yes’ to the opportunities that flowed, but ‘no’ to the ones that didn’t resonate with my soul

17. Took road trips to new destinations high up in the mountains

18. Recycled the clothes that no longer fit the woman I was becoming

19. Watched dozens of sunsets and gave thanks for imperfect days

20. Kept my phone on silent 99% of the time

21. Got out of my head when I was scared and overwhelmed and let people in to help

22. Started believing that everything would be ok because everything is always ok

The more you become YOU, the more your life will expand with happiness, success, and abundance. Isn’t it time to become who you were meant to be?

With love + light,

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