Lessons Learned in 2017

At the end of the year, when work is quiet and the chaos of Christmas has passed, I like to stop and reflect back at the choices I made that shaped my year.

Two powerful questions I ask myself in reflection are:

  1. What choices did I make that served my highest self? and,
  2. What choices did I make that did not?

Asking yourself these questions will give you clues on how to move forward in the new year. (I encourage you to write out the answers to these questions as words take on a powerful force when we put them on paper!) This year I saw some very clear lessons from the choices I made. Choices I made that worked well for me were:



My phone was on silent 95% of the time in 2017. Sure I missed a few calls but overall, I got a lot more accomplished without constant text messages and Facebook notifications pulling at my attention.



This year I witnessed the incredible power of focusing. I set out in October to finish the book I started before my stroke. It required me to say, “No thank you”, to two invitations to contribute to other books.  This challenged me, as I am distracted by opportunities.  But I stayed focus! At the end of this the year I found myself with 14,000 words of my second book completed, and a third book idea waiting for my attention.



This summer, I took a digital detox when I went on holidays. I instantly noticed that I felt calmer. I read more books, I felt more present and connected in my own life, and to my friends. After my holiday, I realised that 100% of my coaching business was coming offline from speaking engagements, networking events and referrals. So why was I spending so much time online?  I love creating and taking pictures, so I chose to focus solely on Instagram and grew my community by 300%. by posting daily messages from my heart because I was inspired to, not because I felt I had to.



This year, I said, “yes”, to investing in myself. I took a variety of courses, attended a writing and speaking workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, and hired a coach to help me finish my book. The payback has been enormous. I increased my skillset, met new people and am making tremendous progress towards finishing my second book. I am continuing to invest in my growth and skills in 2018 by becoming a meditation coach, because investing in myself is the best investment I can make!



The connection between physical fitness and mental wellness is a big one for me! Thanks to my rehab specialist, Andreja, after a two-year hiatus I started moving my body again. I now feel more inspired, energized and hopeful I will make a full recovery!

I had kept trying to return to my familiar workouts of running and yoga after the car accident but I couldn’t do either activity because of my injuries and I felt like a failure-defeated by the pain. Andreja showed me a new way to get fit:- with small  baby steps and new routines. Sure, the lack of daily progress often frustrated me. I wanted to run! But I get it now. You have to start where you are.



Letting go is not something that happens all at once. It can be, but for me it has been more of a daily practise of letting go of the habits, thoughts, food, people, and things that no longer serve me or are out of alignment with what I want to create in my life. It has not always easy but when you value yourself it is easier to say yes to your own needs. I learned that letting go can be an incredible act of self-love.

I invite you to do your own review now. You are worth it!

Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year.

With love and light,