Are You Sabotaging Your Dreams?


Do you wake up each morning believing something wonderful will happen to you or are you looking for the worse in each day?

Take a look around your life and you will have the answer to that question.

If you aren’t living a life you love you could very well be sabotaging your own dreams and happiness, with your thoughts.

Our thoughts create our reality. Believe the worse will happen and it usually does.

Our brains are programmed to scan for the negative. It’s a survival mechanism from caveman times.

Happy people scan their environment too but not for the negative, for the positive. They look for the silver lining in every challenge they face.

It gets harder to do this, although not impossible, when you have experienced a calamity such as a job loss, bankruptcy, illness, death of a loved one. We often become even more fearful.

I blocked my own success for years with calamity thinking. I had spent so years in warrior mode, that even after I had recovered from the losses, the illness, and the battles, I was continually scanning my world looking for the next catastrophe. Then when it hit, my negative thinking was reinforced. Bad shit happens! I braced myself for the ugly each and every day.

I believed I couldn’t rest. I had to be ready to fight at all times.  It was a defeating thought cycle and it was exhausting!

But we have the power to change our thoughts.

If you are stuck in a calamity thinking pattern you could be sabotaging your dreams and the success you deserve.

I invite you to start shifting your thoughts with this powerful affirmation:

Something fabulous is going to happen to me today!


Feel your heart expand with joy as you say it.

Say it again. Out loud this time.

Something fabulous is going to happen to me today!

Waking up and telling yourself that something wonderful is going to happen  today instantly shifts you into a positive and grateful mindset.Believe that good things will happen to you- and they will. Positive and happy thoughts create a happier life. And happier people are more successful.

The first day I used this affirmation so many wonderful things happened. I was invited to tea by a friend I hadn’t seen in years. A stranger high-fived me, for no apparent reason, as I walked in the park. My daughter surprised me with a stack of chocolate pancakes she had made on her own, all before noon. I soaked myself in the magic of the day and felt happier and lighter than I had in a very long time.

It’s not a one time thing. You have to say it over and over again until you believe it deep down in your heart.

Put the affirmation somewhere you can see it. On your phone. On a mirror. In your car. And commit to believing in it.

Our life is created by what we believe. Change your thoughts and you can change your life.

Believe that something fabulous is going to happen to you today…and success will follow.

May you always choose happy,