Act Like Your Worthy- Because You Are!

K Blog


I am blessed with an amazing friend (I’ll call her K.) who inspires me daily.

K. is funny, direct, brutally honest and allows no bullshit into her life.

K. has called me on my behavior when I slipped into despair during dark times and had the courage to tell me when I needed to stop the negative crap and take back control of my life. She has supported and encouraged me through countless court battles and helped me through life’s many losses.

I fiercely love and admire her because she is an inspiration in claiming your self-worth. She knows her value and what she deserves in life and doesn’t take abuse from anyone.

How can we become more like the Ks of the world- empowered in our worth and courageously standing up for what we need and who we are?

Here are a few lessons I have learned from K. over our years of friendship. I share them with you today on K’s birthday to celebrate her and living more fearlessly:

  • Put your stake in the ground and start claiming your worth- today.
  • Stop mixing up being kind with taking abuse.
  • Find your voice and use it!
  • Believe you deserve the best from everyone.
  • Love yourself more than you love your partner, your children, and Netflix marathons.

Because until you start treating yourself like the precious treasure you are, no one else will.

You matter!  Now go let the world know it!

With love and light,