How to Know You Made the Right Choice



“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” ~ Nelson Mandela


Recently I was faced with making a decision between two very difficult choices; both choices would affect both my daughter and I financially and emotionally. At the time neither one of the choices looked like great options.

How do you pick between two choices?

I couldn’t make a decision as both choices terrified me. Fear shows up for me as resistance. My lack of decision-making left me feeling stressed, tense, unfocused, and overwhelmed in thought, all which increased my headaches and paralyzed me from taking action.

Nothing is worse than remaining in a state of indecision.

I knew I had to get quiet and make space to connect with my heart. I had been using too much logic and overthinking the outcomes. When I tuned into my intuition, I got really clear on what I had to do. It wasn’t easy. Yet as soon as I made my decision I felt relief and spaciousness in my body. My chest felt open and I could suddenly breathe deep again.

How do you know you made the right choice?

When you make the right choice you feel instant relief as the stress leaves your body. You feel joy, lightness and peace. You walk taller and feel more confident. You

Many of us struggle with making the best choice for ourselves, and our family. But here’s the thing:

We know which choice to make.

We just aren’t ready to acknowledge it. That’s because the right choice isn’t always the easiest choice.

The right choice is often the choice that is hard, scary and painful to make. Don’t let fear stop you from making it. Make the hard choice and you fill your body with peace and lightness. And when this happens you’ve know you made the right decision.


With love,