Just Own It!


“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” ~ Charlotte Whitton

Is there a part of yourself that you are afraid to share with others?  Something you keep tucked away in the dark?

Many of us have pieces of ourselves that we keep hidden. These parts are often the dark parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of or embarrassed about. It can be fear, anger, guilt, resentment or regret. We are often fearful that if we reveal these parts of ourselves to the world we will be judged, ridiculed or abandoned.

Hiding even a small part of who we are keeps us from stepping into our true power and offering the world all that makes us exceptional. When you own the dark parts you come out of hiding and drop the act of who you think you are suppose to be and finally become who you are.

I disowned a large part of myself for years. I am emotional! 

Only recently did I shine a light on this essential piece of my being. I own this now and it feels so good!

I no longer hide how I feel. No more dampening my enthusiasm, my passion, my sentimentality, or my red-hot spirit for the sake of others.

I have been called a “drama queen” by those closest to me. Partners have told me that I am “too emotional” and “too much”. These judgements made me fearful of showing up as in my life as my true self.

During my period of transformation I discovered that being emotional is one of my best traits. That is one of the rewards of healing your dark parts- it the opportunity to turn what you think are your greatest faults into your greatest gifts.

I’ve learned that the very piece of me that I kept hidden is what makes me awesome!

Hiding who we are also takes up a lot of energy. I found I was always hyper-vigilant in my work and personal relationships to ensure that no one saw that emotional side of me. It was exhausting! It also made me feel inauthentic. It silenced me. It disconnected me from my true power.

Being in touch with my emotions and expressing them openly, has allowed me to live passionately and love fiercely. I’ve been able to be an exuberant cheerleader for my family, friends and clients when they needed encouragement. My intense passion has let me be a fierce tiger mamma when my kids needed an advocate in the education and health care systems. Being connected to my emotions allowed to me to openly grieve the major losses in my life and heal. If that makes me a drama queen or “too much Desirée”, so be it!

I will no longer disown this part of myself. Being connected and expressive with my emotions has shaped me to the woman I am today. I love all of her. I never use to. But I sure do now!

When we judge a part of ourselves as not acceptable and not worthy enough to show the world, we literally disown that part of ourselves. We avoid it because it hurts to feel it. So we stuff it deep into our internal basements because we are scared showing it will leave us even more wounded. (But we are stronger than we think!)

It isn’t always easy to take what we have hidden and shine a light on it. But the rewards of owning all the parts that make you uniquely you and sharing them with the world are huge.

You are truly amazing!  

Isn’t it time you owned that?

With light and love,