Find Your Word


“A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow….it can be a catalyst for enriching your life.” Ali Edwards

This year I started my planning for 2015 by choosing a word. A word to focus me and inspire me as I move forward with achieving my business and personal goals. A word that will be my mantra for the year ahead.

After a tough year I am recommitting to my purpose of inspiring women to live their best life possible. I’ve hidden in the shadows in 2014 with health and personal challenges taking center stage, as that’s what I needed to do. Now is the time for me to step back into my own light and inspire others to shine too.

My word for 2015 is SHINE. 

It excites me as I say the word..Shine.  I smile as I think about my word and feel its energy throughout my body. Shine feels empowering, inspiring and energizing. That is exactly how I want to feel this year as I work on my business, my relationships, and my health.

Finding your word is a very organic and simple process. All you need is a paper and pen and some quiet time to contemplate how you want to feel next year. How would you feel in your perfect day? What do you need to be supported in 2015? What do you want to bring more of into your life? If you want a more structured approach check out Susannah Conway’s free five day email course.

The image on top of my blog it  word is now on my desktop and phone and framed in my home to remind me of my intention. The word, along with my goals and an open heart will help me to create my best year possible.

What is your word for 2015?

With love and light,

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