Take the Time




“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

During the holiday season with so many pressures and expectations we can quickly end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. It is easy to forget to take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures that nourish our mind, body and soul when there are so many demands placed on us.

Consider this your permission slip to take your time as you go through your day today. Take the time to slow down, experience each moment fully and you will feel happier, more peaceful, even lighter.


Take the time to smile at your barista as you order your coffee, to read the comics in the paper, to walk to work. Take the time to listen to your children, your partner, to call your best friend and your mom.

Take the time to eat your lunch away from your desk, to close the door to your office, to do a meditation. Take the time to close your eyes and breathe deeply, repeat. Take the time to wander through a museum or enjoy a yoga class.  Take the time to be grateful, to write thank you notes, to kiss your lover long and slow.

Take the time to walk in nature, to sit by the fire, or watch the snow fall. Take the time to read, to sing in the car, or  to dance wildly at home. Take the time to contemplate your life, to recall your dreams, to soak in a hot bath full of bubbles. Take time to let go of your worries, your responsibilities, the weight of your  your world for just one day.

You are worth making the time for.

Take the time for your heart’s desires today.  Because if you don’t, nobody will give it to you. And you know you deserve it.

With love and light,