Add Some FUN to Your Life!


“When anybody laughs, he has no mind, no thought, no problem, no suffering.” ~  Sri H. W. L. Poonja

Beautiful Soul Sisters …it’s time!

Time for FUN!

Have you had FUN today? Have you laughed?

Too often we forget to make having FUN a priority.

When our days are filled with work, chores and so many errands we wonder if we’ll make it through with our sanity intact, it’s easy to let FUN drop off our radar. But FUN is important and if we don’t add it to our day TODAY…when?

You know you deserve buckets of it.

So why not create a list of ten things that would be FUN to do. If you can’t think of anything because it’s been so long since you let yourself really laugh, let loose, and enjoy life, try closing your eyes and asking yourself, “What would FUN look like?” 

Then wait…

Your heart will let you know what it needs. When the images or words bubble up to the surface, don’t judge them. You may be surprised! Just accept it and commit to taking action!

When I first did this exercise an image of me with a hula-hoop floated to the surface.  That afternoon when my daughter and I went grocery shopping, I noticed the neighbouring hardware store was featuring beautiful pink and purple hula-hoops on sale. (I love how the Universe works!)  We bought two.

We immediately slid into them and tried to make our way back to the car while hula hooping and pushing the grocery cart. We were terrible and garnered a whole lot of strange looks in the parking lot! But boy, did we have FUN,  and we laughed, and laughed!

When we make space to lighten up and let FUN in our hearts fill up with joy and we smile from the inside out.

So go ahead and make some space in your day today to reconnect with the activities that make you feel good. Your mind, body and spirit will love you for it!

With love + light,

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