THE Tool to Transform Your Life

“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.” ~ Diane Von Furstenburg

There is an incredible tool available to transform your life. It is SELF-LOVE.

Self-love is beautiful!

When you fall in love with yourself, you fall in love with your life. It’s the foundation for a happy and glorious life that surfaces when you acknowledge that you are worthy of an abundant and wonderful existence.

For many years I hated who I was. I worked hard to keep all the pieces I didn’t like about myself stuffed deep down in the basement of my psyche. I had disowned the many parts of myself that I believed were not good enough to share with the world. And with that self-loathing came a life of depression, abusive relationships, addictions, and chaos.

However, life is beautifully designed to give us exactly what we need to grow and evolve. Through a series of events I was forced to go into that darkness and come to accept those dark shadowy bits. By acknowledging and learning to love these darker parts I was finally able to accept all of me and have confidence in who I am. The moment I did this it felt like I had won the lottery!

When you accept and love all of who you are, you step into your power. This feels so delicious and amazing you wonder why you avoided it for so long.

I was not alone in this self-loathing, and neither are you. We are taught early on, through our experiences with the world around us, that we are not good enough, that we have to fight to get ahead in life, that life is a struggle, and that we are alone.

Loving yourself is the key to increasing the love, peace and joy in your life. Stepping into your power is transformational and you can only do this when you come from a place of wholeness, which comes when you love and accept all of who we are.

For years I had been on this journey of awakening and healing…and when all the pieces suddenly connected I was stunned. Self Love. It was simple, yet so hard to do.

This journey isn’t about finding love but reconnecting with the love we are born with. It is about releasing what is no longer working in our lives, letting go of the pain, and tearing down the walls we have put up that keep us from feeling and experiencing the love already within us.

When you finally start loving yourself its not all suddenly easy. I still have days of negative thoughts and self-doubt. But my heart now rejects the fear my mind conjures up as its no longer my truth.

When you love your inner spirit it is also easier to accept the external stuff. Cellulite, crow’s feet, parenting or work mishaps. No problem.  I have more kindness and compassion for myself now and no longer berate myself on the days I don’t feel like I’ve got it all together.  And this little act of self-love can shift my perspective and brighten my day.

I smile more now as I know there is only one of me shining my light onto the world, and that makes all of me pretty special.

You too are a unique individual just the way you are. Isn’t it time to embrace, love and accept all of you?

With love + light,

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