You Are (Truly) Not as Stuck as You Think You Are

Have you ever experienced a period in your life where you have felt stuck? You can’t figure out why, but despite your best efforts you just can’t move forward?
The thing to getting unstuck, and this may sound contrary to what you want to do, it to give yourself permission to feel ‘it’- all the icky uncomfortable emotions about being in this place. It’s important to honour your feelings as they are the compass of your soul and if you allow them space, they will guide you forward. By trying to bully yourself out of the funk, you’ll only sink deeper into it.
Often when we are in a funk if we take the time to meditate, or sit quietly without any distractions, we can hear the voice inside of us telling us why we are feeling what we are. What you find may surprise you. You may have thought you were feeling stuck in all aspects of your life, but then you discover that your just feeling lonely and you need to seek out the company of friends.
It can also help to stop telling yourself that you’re stuck. The negative stories we repeatedly tell ourselves only perpetuates the experiences. Change your thoughts and you can alter the feelings you are experiencing deep within your body. When you allow negative thoughts to replay themselves the neural pathways in our brain become entrenched creating our reality. By changing your thought patterns, you can rewire your brain and create a new reality. So after you have had time to honour your emotions, tell yourself that you aren’t as stuck as you think you are. You might be amazed at what unfolds with just this one shift.
While we can sit and marinate in the feelings of being trapped, at some point we need to take action. Just by making the smallest movement, micro-movements, actions that take no more than 5-10 minutes a day, we can start to feel some forward momentum. Set the intention to do 5 of these a week. Think of how a ball gathers momentum and speed once it is pushed down a hill. If you are lonely call a friend for coffee, register for a new activity at the community centre, or sign up to be a volunteer dog walker at the SPCA. Even the smallest actions have huge rewards.
Many people when they are in a funk stop exercising. So start moving again! By taking even a short walk around the block or better yet a stroll through the forest, and feeling the sunshine on your face, you will literally feel less stuck and even a little more optimistic and joyful.Remember that what you are feeling will pass. Be gentle with yourself and when you are ready the universe will be waiting.
Life is an adventure, live it with passion,

Desirée Sher

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