From the outside it seems you have it all. A great job (on paper at least), the husband and family and the beautiful home. You’re comfortable. You’re safe. You do an amazing job of taking care of others, and your friends and family praise you for your generosity and kindness.

But beautiful, when was the last time you focused on taking care of YOU?

You want to feel true, lasting happiness but often it feels like you are you just going through the motions, running on autopilot. You spend your days making other tending to others, and when you turn out the lights to sleep you’re completely overwhelmed by the nagging sense that something is missing…

  • You have dreams of starting your own business or creative pursuit but you can’t stop thinking that you’re too old or it’s too late (Lovely, I promise it’s not!)
  • You’re successful + accomplished, but you feel like you’re in an exhausting cycle of overachieving simply to impress others (instead of being fueled by passion and purpose)
  • You are a wonderful mom who “does it all” for her kids but you go to bed feeling depleted and burnt out, with zero time for self-care or nourishment
  • You try your best to exercise and eat healthy but despite your best efforts you feel tired and drained all the fricken’ time
  • You have big ideas you want to execute, but you’re so paralyzed by self-doubt and indecision that ‘procrastination’ could be your middle name

You’re in a constant of overwhelm about what to do next and you’re beginning to feel your wildest dreams are never going to happen.
You want to manifest your dream life and you’re desperate move through these blocks that are keeping you stuck…

Because deep down, you know you weren’t meant to settle.

You KNOW you were meant for more.

You KNOW you can create a life you LOVE on your own terms

I know it might seem like a pipe dream right now. 

I know because I’ve been in this exact same place.

I too once felt stuck and unhappy in my own life despite “having it all”. I knew I wanted MORE but had no idea how to get it, so I stayed stuck, falling into addictive patterns and toxic relationships while I waited for someone to rescue me. I didn’t have the courage or the energy to go after my dreams. I couldn’t even remember what my dreams were.

After a series of storms that came in rapid-fire succession, (divorce, betrayal, a financial crash, multiple deaths of loved ones) I ended up in the hospital with a stroke. One year later, I returned to hospital – this time for a car crash that left me unable to speak. Surprisingly, something miraculous happened when I was forced into silence by the Universe. I started to find my way back home to myself, beginning a twenty year spiritual journey where I learned to honor my soul, reclaim my self-worth and create a life fueled by passion on my own terms.

Fast forward to today: I followed my soul path to become a mindset coach and created an online heart-centered business.
I published my first book, launched a podcast and have been invited to speak on international stages sharing my message with thousands. I live the life I was meant to live and I have never been happier.

Here’s what your life’s about to look like if you join us for Soulfully Aligned:

  • You’re FINALLY taking action on starting your new side hustle or passion project and you feel lit up and invigorated
  • You’ve created a vision and goals for yourself that feel ALIGNED, so you’re no longer hustling for others – you’re doing something that fills your cup AND makes you proud
  • You’ve started doing the things you’ve wanted to for YEARS like going to that painting class or starting a journaling practice, and it feels so good to make yourself a priority
  • You wake up with more energy than you ever imagined was possible and go to bed feeling well-rested and content
  • You’ve broke through your self-doubt, fear and overwhelm and have stepped into being the badass creator of your own life


Soulfully Aligned
An 8-Week Small Group Coaching Experience to guide you inwards for more passion, purpose and joy!

Here’s what you get when you join us for this intimate, soulful experience:

  1. An 8 -Week Small Group Coaching Experience: Join a small group (space is limited) of motivated souls as we journey through five modules of transformation.
  2. Meditations and Worksheets: Weekly guided meditations and worksheets delivered to your inbox every Monday to help you go deeper.
  3. Live Coaching Calls (1x per week)::  In the calls you can get answers to your specific questions along with help to integrate the week’s lessons with laser-focused coaching. 
  4. Members Only VIP Facebook Group::  You will be part of an exclusive Facebook Group just for you, and other Soulfully Aligned members. Get support, feedback, guidance, and your questions answered, in an environment where it is safe to share.
  5. And a few surprises! Including my beautifully designed Conscious Breath Bracelet to support you on your journey to calm ($40 value).


  1. Book a free call to discuss the program and make sure you’re the right fit. I’ll answer any questions you may have.
  2. Pay the program fee in full or choose a payment plan. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your spot and give you all the important details.
  3. We will embark on soul journey to creating a more purposeful and passion-filled life – beginning June 3rd!


Module 1: Connect to the Power Within
We set the foundation to connect you to your higher self and your inner guidance by slowing down and turning inwards.

Module 2: Clarity Through the Heart Path
You will connect to your heart’s deepest dreams and desires and gain clarity on your sacred core values and your soul’s mission.

 Module 3: Awakening to Alignment
You’ll examine where your life is currently out of alignment and what specific actions you need to take to bring it successfully back into alignment.

Module 4: Blocks to Alignment
You will identify and dismantle the barriers that have kept you from your true self. We will challenge your old beliefs with specific tools and begin shifting your subconscious programming.

Module 5: Energized for Action
You will leave the final week excited for the future and equipped with the tools to unleash your dreams onto the world with clarity, courage and confidence.

Soulfully Aligned will help you go from…

  • Feeling like something is missing in your life to feeling content and complete
  • Feeling stuck and confused to feeling free to follow your true soul path
  • Doubting your decisions to making decisions with clarity and confidence
  • Trying to create the life you think you should be living to creating a life that actually feels good for you! 

what others are saying

I have broken through so many barriers and overcome so many things. I found how to stop and take care of me through meditation and doing a daily journal. I am learning to like myself and I am finding my light and strength. I now have tools to help me when my days are not full of sunshine and flowers.  I have a brighter outlook on life and feel just a bit more worthy.

Brandy Meisner

Desirée was a beacon of light: a lighthouse guiding me through the fog. Thanks to her encouragement and guidance I was able to see my situation more clearly, and gain the confidence needed to take the next difficult steps towards a happier me. Desiree has been amazing at helping me gain clarity as to my strengths and guiding me to stop holding myself back. Each time I met with her I was left with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in my current path.

Angie Knott