• Prior to coaching with Desirée I had severe writer's block. It had been an issue in my life for more than ten years . With her support, methodology, positivity and accountability I was able to break through my blocks and do some writing that truly felt amazing! She is absolutely the world's best life coach- without a doubt!

    Svetlana Lucia Blogger/Poet
  • Coaching with Desirée went beyond my expectations. I hoped for guidance and clarity when I came to coaching but received so much more. Desiree is the ultimate coach!

    Alexis Willliamson Health Coach
  • Working with Desiree I found a peace that I didn’t even know existed. She allowed me to see the life, I thought was only a dream, as a possibility. I broke through so many barriers and overcame so many things. I now have tools to help me when days are not full of sunshine and flowers.

    Brandy Meisner Wellness Advocate
  • Desiree’s presence, demeanor, beautiful calming voice, and sincere concern for me, helped me realize I had more control over my situation and overall life, than I’d ever realized.

    Linda M. Educator
  • I just had the most amazing call with Desiree Sher! I feel so blessed to have met her, I realized some blocks and actionable steps to take TODAY that light me up, light my purpose up!! I have such deep gratitude right now for her that I'm just in awe! I was truly amazed by you and your loving energy! I'm telling you, I think of "miracle consciousness" when I think of you.

    Andrea Owen Arledge Transformation Coach, Elements Integrative Wellness (www.elementsintegrativewellness.com)
  • Desiree is walking her true calling in life. She is a mastery coach. On my first session the transformation was evident in both my business and my personal life. Since my coaching with Desiree I have a greater sense of confidence in who I am, a clear direction in my business, and inspiration to continue to dream big, not because it my is business, but because it is my calling.

    Kendra decadescollide.com
  • Working with Desireé was a beautiful blessing. After having my son I was feeling lost and confused. I wanted to start a small business, but also feel back on track with myself. And Desiree, with her warm and gentle energy, helped me see what needed to be done first: to take care of myself. When I think back to those after-baby months I feel grateful to have found so much love and support from someone who then was a “stranger”, but who guided me with her wisdom back to mine. Desireé is not only experienced, professional and strong, but a big heart full of compassion that is right there for you to guide you and mentor you in whatever part of your journey you are at!

    Mariana Luecker
  • Desirée’s passion, positive energy and excellent communication skills made choosing her for a guest speaker at our first NF Empowerment Symposium an easy pick. As our last presenter, she left everyone feeling capable and eager to tackle life in a new and positive outlook, despite the disorder.

    Tracy Gregorash Executive Director, Manitoba Neurofibromatosis Support Group, Canada
  • Desirée was a beacon of light: a lighthouse guiding me through the fog. Thanks to her encouragement and guidance I was able to see my situation more clearly, and gain the confidence needed to take the next difficult steps towards a happier me. Desiree has been amazing at helping me gain clarity as to my strengths and guiding me to stop holding myself back. Desirée remains my mentor, although the program through which we met is long over. Each time I meet with her I am left with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in my current path.

    Angie K.
  • Thank you SO much for sharing your story as our expert for the Simplify Your Summer Telesummit. Your words touched all who listened and helped all of us evaluate and simplify our schedules, so that we felt more powerful in our choices. You have a genuine desire to help others that comes through your actions.

    Caroline M. Harper

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