Come join me on Wednesday mornings at 9am Pacific on ZOOM for a free meditation class which will include a 10-15 minute meditation, conversation and community.

These classes are open to anyone ready to expand inner peace and deepen their connection to the sacred space within. Only with a calm heart and mind can we create the life we desire and deserve.

Meditation is a powerful tool for your body, mind and soul.  There are numerous benefits to a regular meditation practise including:

  • Alleviating anxiety and reducing stress
  • Increasing feelings of joy, positivity and connectedness
  • Improved memory and cognitive skills
  • Enhanced creativity

I started meditation more than twelve years ago when a series of life events catapulted me on a journey searching for answers  to my purpose. Meditation has since sustained me in both good times and bad. I would be honoured to share the power of meditation with you now.