Becoming The Bravest You

Every successful person has had to deal with fear.  

Someone who is not wildly successful becomes wildly successful when they have the courage to take action over and over again.

It’s easy to tell yourself that when you feel confident, THEN you’ll take action. But if you wait for that day when you suddenly feel courageous, you’ll be waiting a long time.

Confidence is created by action. 

I use to let fear control my life until one day when I had had enough of waiting on the sidelines, watching everyone else live their dream life. I started researching how to be courageous. I read books and talked to the bravest women I know. What I learned shocked me.

Courageous people aren’t fearless. They feel fear just like you and me. They just never let their fear stop them from pursuing their dreams. I’ve developed an awesome program for overcoming fear called The Bravest You: A 4-Week Course to release self-doubt, ignite your confidence, and (finally) go after your dreams.ear. Running online from July 6th-28th, joining would be a great place to conquer your fears in a supportive and encouraging environment.

For now, here are a few techniques to help you move forward with fear:

  1. Simply decide to succeed. However, once you’ve truly decided to go for your dreams, there is no other option and no room for fear.
  2. Connect to your breath. When you feel stress and anxiety, a few slow and deep breaths can make a huge difference. To a large extent, our body follows our mind. Breathing is how we can take control of our feelings and shut out the anxiety. Use that control to your advantage.
  3. Embrace risk. Chase after your fears and show them who is boss. Make the tough presentation or phone call. Ask for whatever it is that you want. A big part of being successful is doing things that other people are too afraid to do.
  4. Be prepared. Many of our stresses and challenges are in our control to fix. Take the time to find solutions before the worry arises.
  5. Go with the flow. If you live in the present, life is much less stressful. Accept the present moment and see what happens.
  6. Focus on the good. Most people look for the worst and then expect it to happen. If you expect the best, it’s much easier to take action. Sure, some undesirable things will likely happen along the way. But those obstacles are only flies that can be shooed away. They’re nothing compared to the monstrous spiders you made them out to be.
  7. Know that you are enough. Even if you have things to learn and skills to hone, that doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of the task at hand. Plan to acquire the resources you need, but do everything you can with the resources you have now.
  8. Start small. Make a list of everything that you need to do but can’t seem to follow through on. Put them in order from least scary to most. Now decide to do the item at the top of the list. When that’s done, do the next. Only focus on the current item at the top of the list. By completing each task and building confidence, the scariest obstacle will be a piece of cake by the time you reach it. 

The only way to truly be free is to conquer your fears. The only way to conquer your fears is to do the things that frighten you. Prove to yourself that you are capable of being brave. Follow the suggestions above and start your journey from fear to freedom today!

If you need extra support, come join me on July 6th in my new course  – The Bravest You: A 4-Week Course to release self-doubt, ignite your confidence, and (finally) go after your dreams. The 4-week online program is incredibly affordable and I have scholarships if finances are a block to freedom.