How to Stop Sabotaging Your Dreams

If you aren’t living your dreams, there is something or someone sabotaging your efforts.

Could it be your current circumstances: a partner who isn’t supportive, a job that drains you, not enough time or money?

Well, the truth is a little harsher.

It’s YOU. You are getting in your own way of your dreams.

There are two predominant reasons people sabotage their own success:
1. Lack of worth: You don’t believe you are worthy of your dreams; or,
2. Fear: You are afraid of failure or success

If either of these limiting beliefs are playing on repeat in your mind, on either a conscious or subconscious level, you will be derailed before you get too far. Our actions align with our beliefs so if your thoughts are limiting you, your performance will too.

Two common behaviors that show up when we are afraid or don’t believe we are worthy, are procrastination and perfectionism.

While we all procrastinate sometimes, if you find yourself regularly moving the tasks on your to-do list from one day to the next, there could be a limiting belief getting in your way. The more important your dream is to your soul, the more distractions and excuses you will find to keep yourself from moving forward.

When you keep waiting for everything to be perfect before you take action, you are hiding out from your dream. If you are still tweaking the colours on your website, rewriting your resume for the hundredth time, or trying to be in ‘perfect’ shape before you start dating again, you will never move forward. (Perfect doesn’t exist but “good enough” sure does.)

So how do you move past these self-sabotaging behaviours?

1. Inquire Within
The first step to changing any behaviour is becoming aware of the belief behind it. Spend time in solitude and stillness, and ask yourself what is blocking you from taking action. Is it fear of success, fear of failing, do you doubt you are worthy of your desires? Could there be another belief holding you back? Sit quietly after you ask the question and wait for your soul to speak.

2. Identify the Behaviour
Start paying attention to how your belief shows up in your behaviours. Do you tune out on social media, binge watch shows on Netflix, or do you start making excuses about why you can’t take action whenever you think about moving forward? Staying in your comfort zone or moving from it, can both be painful. But only one has the reward of your dreams at the end.

3. Take Action
As you become more aware of how you sabotage your dreams, you can begin to shift your behavior. One way to start moving forward is to brainstorm micro-tasks that take less than ten minutes to complete. Tell yourself you will just perform one task each day. (Everyone has ten minutes a day when they make their dream a priority.) As you take action, and experience success, you will be inspired to keep going! You will be also surprised how much momentum you can build towards your dreams by taking small consistent action.

4. Get Help
Still stuck? Book a call with me here to uncover what’s holding you back, and to identify long term solutions to your doubts and fears. I’ll hold you accountable for taking action towards your dream, so you can finally make your desires a reality.

Don’t let fear and self-doubt sabotage the dreams within your heart. Rise up from perfectionism and procrastination, and take the first step. Haven’t you waited long enough to pursue your dreams?

The world is waiting for you!

With love + light,