Since I first met Mary I’ve been enamored with her ability to live a happy life on her own terms.

She is an author, speaker and merriment maker who believes her purpose on this planet is to bring happiness to other people. She’s struggled with mental illness since she was eight-years-old, and lived in a dark place for a very long time, but made it through to the other side where she landed on a pile of glitter.  She reminds us not to chase happiness but to find it deep within inside ourselves. She wants to take your hand, and tell you sincerely that you are beautiful.



“When you have self-esteem it is easier to flourish in all areas of your life.” ~ Mary England

“Happiness is not a destination. It is a journey.” ~ Mary England

“Your happiness and confidence needs to be rooted inside you and radiate outwards.” ~ Mary England

“Building a foundation with self-love gives you the tools to go out and reach your goals.” ~ Mary England

“Goals need to come from a place of self-loving not loathing.” ~ Mary England

“ If we aren’t playing we aren’t really living.” ~ Mary England

“ There is no reason to compare yourself to anyone.” ~ Mary England

“Doing something crazy in public is a great way to express self-love.” ~ Mary England

“There is good and there is kindness and there is love in this world.” ~ Mary England

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