Powering Up In Adversity

powerupcoffeeAdversity is a part of life.

Jobs are lost. Relationships end. Accidents happen.

Six months ago I was in a car accident that left me with a variety of injuries including traumatized vocal chords. As someone who speaks for a living, this has impacted my life. I’ve seen a variety of specialists to learn the diagnosis (spasmodic muscle dysphonia) and now I wait for my voice to heal with massage, therapy and time.

It all felt so unfair.

The accident happened just days after signing a contract to host my own podcast show on Contact Talk Radio.

I was Disappointed. Angry. Frustrated. Discouraged. I retreated.

How can I host a podcast when on some days I can barely squeak out my coffee order at Starbucks? How could I inspire others when I felt so uninspired in my own life?

The way we respond when adversity strikes creates the life we live. We can’t always control what happens but we can control how we respond when the challenge appears.

When storms hit my life my pattern is to retreat. I seek refuge under the covers of pain, hurt and disappointment. It’s easy to stay there. It feels so safe. But replaying the events, focusing on what was lost, doesn’t serve us. It’s a victim’s mentality that only keeps us from living a life we love.

I know it isn’t always easy to move forward and see the opportunity in the darkness, but overcoming adversity is essential for a happy and healthy life.

How do you respond when you are challenged?

Do you go into victim mode or do you look for the opportunity to create something new?

There is a simple shift you can make right now to blast out of that negative mindset.

Take action.

I know it can be hard. Take one small imperfect step forward and you are on a new path from victim to creator. That’s power baby!

Now I’m not suggesting you don’t feel your feelings- you need to mourn the loss and let the feelings flow through your body – but you have to get back to living or life will pass you by.

I use to wake up energized and excited to share my message of inspiration with the world. I haven’t felt that energy since the accident. I have been focusing on my pain, the losses and limitations. But I hunger for that feeling of being inspired. I want the energy back that comes from filling your soul with your passion. I want to get back in alignment with my heart’s desires. I want that feeling more than the hurt and the disappointment that comes with a lost dream.

So today I am taking action.

Today, I am powering up and booking my first guest for The Power Up with Desirée Show .

Listeners may find me sounding more like Tom Waits then Desirée, but, hey, that’s just going to have to be ok. An imperfect step forward is better than no step at all.

I invite you to join me to make a shift in your own life today. What little imperfect step can you take right now? Is there an email you can send? A phone call you can make? A class to sign up for?

I want to hear from you.

If you have a story to share on how you overcame adversity I invite you to be a guest on my show.

If you have wisdom or strategies that will help others live a happier and healthier life please get in touch.

We all have stories to share. Stories that will inspire and empower others. Join me on the Power Up with Desirée Show and share your story with the world.

with happiness + love,