Life Can Turn On a Dime



“Life is fragile. We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow so give it everything you’ve got.” ~ Tom Cook

Life can turn on a dime.

We all know this. We just never think it will happen to us.

When life does shift, whether we lose our job, our lover, a friend, or receive news of an unexpected illness, we are reminded how fragile and fleeting this life can be.

Often we vow to  make changes, to seize the day and live more fully tomorrow.

Until we don’t.

Time passes and the memory of the event or heartache diminishes and we fall quickly back into living our life on auto-pilot, pushing our dreams away for another day.

On my birthday weekend I was reminded of this.

I was heading to the beach for my early morning solitude. The roads were wet from the previous evening’s rainstorm. I saw the motorcycle coming around the corner and then in an instant the motorbike and its rider were separated. The bike was coming towards me as the rider rolled on the ground. In a breath the world had shifted for this young man.

As I stayed with him to wait for emergency crews it hit me again how life can change in a heartbeat.

We can’t always plan for the disasters. Sometimes we can mitigate the risk such as slowing down on a wet bend in a road or adopting a healthy lifestyle to prevent illness- but we can’t stop life from unfolding.

It was a good reminder that we need to live life fully while we are living it. Not from a pessimistic viewpoint but from one of grace and gratitude for each day we get to be here.

Don’t put off your dreams until tomorrow. Start living them today because life is now and we only get once chance to live the life we dream of.

With love+ light,