You Control How Your Life Unfolds


Can you honestly say you are living your dreaming life?

If you aren’t ask yourself if you are being a Victim or a Creator in your life.

Being a Creator comes from knowing you are worthy.

Victims hold the belief that they are powerless to change their life. They live in fear. They are afraid to take action. They are disconnected from their soul’s purpose. They believe they are not worthy of happiness, love or abundance and make the same poor choices over and over again to ensure they stay a victim.

Creators know they are worthy of their dreams.

Creators know they have the power to live they love despite not always being able to direct how life unfolds. They are connected to their passions and believe that they are deserving of their dreams. They take action despite being afraid. They have faith that the Universe will support them when they take that first step.

You have a choice every day if you are going live as a victim or be the beautiful creator of your life

How do you choose?

You step into the fear.

You move forward even when life isn’t going the way you planned. You connect to your intuition and let your heart wisdom guide you.

You do not give up.

You may go inward for a time to rest and nourish yourself, strengthening your body and Spirit. Then you step forward into the fear with the full belief and confidence that the Universe will support you. (It will!)

Believe you are worthy of all your heart’s desires and take action to become the creator in your life.

Believe that there is so much more for you than this current adversity, heartache or illness you may be facing.

Believe in yourself knowing you have all the power within you to create the life you crave.

I believe in you.

with light and love,