What’s on Your “Stop-Doing” List?

listsSeptember is the start of the new school year and for many of us it is when the New Year officially starts. I have spent the last two weeks organizing, cleaning drawers, painting and getting ready for this first day of September.

Included in this preparation was creating a list of habits to keep my health on track in the busy days ahead. It included drink more lemon water, go to bed earlier, meditate longer. You may even have a similar list posted on your fridge.

But then I had a thought.

What if I created a Stop-Doing List?  Could  stopping certain things improve my health and my life even more than a To-Do List? An interesting thought. I decided to create a Stop Doing List and see what happens.

Here are a few things I am going to stop doing:

1. Sitting in front of my computer all day everyday

I moved to a new city and threw myself into my businesses but now it’s time get out, network, serve others and learn. Spending time with people energizes and inspires me so I need to be doing this. What inspires you? Are you doing it?

2. Having doubts

Not believing that everything will work out sabotages your dreams and arise from a place of fear. I’ve been there lately. And when you are in the land of doubt you feel stressed, timid and easily overwhelmed. Replace fear with love (they are opposites) and you feel hopeful and courageous. Believe in love and believe that your dreams will come true.

3. Aiming for perfection

Not everything I write is without an occasional error, nor is every program I launch perfect. I am letting go of my need for perfection because it’s better to take action than to fear perfection and not do the things my heart pulls me towards. As long as you take action you will mistakes. But that’s not a bad thing because when you stumble the universe is providing an opportunity to learn and grow. Let go of perfection and start even if it’s not a perfect first step.

4. Trying to squeeze in exercise

My dedication to staying fit this summer really slipped. As I examined why I noticed I stopped scheduling fitness in my calendar. When you don’t schedule your exercise and other important activities they just don’t happen in. (Some things you gotta do!) A run or yoga class gets easily bumped even with the best intentions. What do you need to schedule to make it happen?

5. Doing only the easy things

I’ve been spending too much time on the easy and less important tasks lately and not enough time on the big important jobs that will move me towards my business goals. I  keep telling myself I just never seem to have a huge block of time to delve into the bigger projects. Excuses no more! I’m delegating the less important tasks and scheduling time to dig into the responsibilities ones that will move my business forward.

6. Spending time with non-believers

Taking action towards a dream is hard work but I am committed to my work of empowering women and building a career that is non-location dependent. Spending time with people who are filled with negative energy and comments about my dream and  who leave me feeling depleted and doubting have to go! Do you have people who don’t support your dreams? Let them go and surround yourself with those who encourage you.

am ready to re-commit to nourishing my mind, body and soul this new year. Stopping these specific activities will create more space in my life for what matters most. That excites me!

Next time you sit down to make a to-do list ask yourself what matters most in your life and stop anything that leaves you feeling drained, frustrated and uninspired.

You have the power to create the life you crave. When you when stop doing the activities that don’t fuel you, you create space for what does- your dreams!

What will you choose to stop doing?

With light and love,