Make Your Dreams Come True


“No obstacle can survive the steady onslaught of persistence and faith.”

You’ve written down your dreams. Maybe even hung your vision board on your wall.

Yet, you just can’t make any progress towards your goals. You feel frustrated. Overwhelmed. Stuck. You’re spinning your wheels in the daily grind but can’t move forward towards the life that is calling you. Sound familiar?

Writing your dreams or creating a vision board are powerful steps in creating a shift in your life. Both of these activities focus your energy and your brilliance on a specific target. But it can’t be the only step you take.

Creating your dreams requires you to be active in working towards your goals.  It is in the taking action where success comes. 

For many of us that is exactly where we can get stuck. Putting more tasks on our to-do list that we just can’t get to. If you are feeling this way with your dreams don’t give up.You are worthy of your dreams!

Instead take a few minutes to re-focus and clarify what it is you want.

1. Break Your Goals Down
If your goals are too big they will feel unattainable. If you goal is to become a published author break the steps down into tiny baby steps. These may include: committing to writing just 30 minutes every day; researching publishers or self-publishing websites; reading the popular books to see what makes them so appealing. Small successes will give you fuel towards towards the bigger goals!

2. Prioritize
All our goals feel important and they are, but you will have more success if you prioritize them. Narrow down your list to the top 2-3 goals that feel the most important to you today and put the others aside for now. If you can’t decide what goals are important take a moment and close your eyes. Think about all your goals. As you get quiet which ones jump out at you? Go focus on those.

3. Know Your Why
To know why you want the dream you do, is important. Your why is that specific reason deep down in your soul, that thing that makes you get up in the morning, and drives you all day long. As Simon Sinek explains in his inspiring book, Start with Why, we must define why something is so valuable, so urgent and so meaningful to our happiness that we are willing to suffer the pains of change.

4. Learn to Say No
If you can’t find time in your day to take a daily action step you need to ask yourself if you are putting your goals your aside for other people. It’s ok if you do it occasionally but doing it all the time will leave you feeling stuck, resentful and depleted.

When you are feeling uninspired to take action it’s a signal from your body that you need to rest. I learned this last week when I was trying to push through to getting my online coaching program finished. I had no creativity and no motivation. It was a reminder that I needed to recharge. I went for a long hike in the woods. For you, it may be having a nap, reading a book or taking time for a visit with a friend. Take a break if you find yourself continually unmotivated. Once you are rested you will discover a renewed energy and excitement for your dreams.

Most importantly just get started.

Taking that first step towards your dreams is often the hardest step. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Ask yourself, “What can I do today to move in the direction of my dreams?” Then go to do it.

With love and light,