Fear Can Paralyze You..if You Let it


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” ~ Jack Canfield.

Fear can show up in strange places.

Have you ever wanted something with your entire being but then when the opportunity showed up in your life you turned it down? Perhaps because the timing wasn’t right, or you didn’t feel you were ready, or you were scared?

You are not alone.

It happens to all of us.

It happened to me last week when I was offered a speaking opportunity that I had been trying to manifest for months. Five presentations was a goal for 2015. On my vision board I had speaking images to let the Universe know what my heart desired.

Then when the opportunity appeared, I panicked. Not right away. First, I did my happy dance. I was bubbling with excitement and awe that what my heart had desired for months had suddenly appeared. I felt powerful.

However, by the next morning the fear and self-doubt had crawled in. The inner critic in my head got really loud. I questioned my presentation skills, if my message was worthy of spreading, if I really wanted this type of work in my life. I began to panic.

It was strange to witness my reaction to what I thought was my heart’s desire. We grow when we stretch ourselves and move out of the ordinary of our everyday lives. Yet this can often feel strangely uncomfortable and scary as hell, so we sabotage ourselves.

As the fear increased I started to look for excuses to back out of the engagement. I thought of calling the organizer telling her I was sick or that I needed more time to prepare.

But I didn’t.

Instead I breathed into the fear and moved forward in spite of it.

I gave the speech.

Had I let fear paralyze me I would have missed out on what was an incredible moment in my life. I received my first standing ovation at the end of my presentation. I overcame the fear and was showered in love and gratitude from the audience. That amazing experience left me feeling more energized and empowered that I had felt in months.

Fear often shows up when we are standing on the edge of our true potential. I am thankful that I didn’t let fear stop me from my dream of spreading my message and shining my light into the world that day. From that speech I have received three other requests to present this spring. I am truly grateful that I have been given a platform to share my message with other women.

Fear will show up in our life at times to keep us safe but it can also keep us from living our dreams. The next time fear attempts to sabotage your dreams don’t cower in the dark. Open your heart wide and breathe into it. Then move through the fear and step into the light.

It is your time to shine!

With love,