Awaken to Your Life


“Stop sleepwalking through life. Your life is something to be experienced, not coasted through.”

We are all creatures of habit. Each day we go through our life half asleep, not fully engaged in the world around us. Typically we drive daily to the same coffee shop, view the same genre of movies, and frequent the same grocery store. We become comfortable with our familiar routines as they give structure to our daily living.

What happens when you give up everything familiar for a life of the unfamiliar?

When I moved to a new city this past summer it was like I was suddenly shaken awake. My senses came back to life. In my new surroundings where I am out my comfort zone, I am no longer living my life on autopilot. Without a daily routine, every walk out of our home is an adventure and a feast of stimulation- colours appear brighter, noises louder, food tastes better, and with this freshness my life seems richer!

Our senses crave variety. We yearn for more adventure, more creativity, more fun, exactly what routines rob us of.  Breaking free and trying something new requires us to stop sleepwalking through our day. It’s not always easy to try something different. There have been a few moments since moving to the city that I longed for the familiar, but when we go beyond our comfort zone we stretch ourselves, and in those moments we grow.

What stops us from making changes in our daily life?

We resist change because we are afraid of the unknown Letting go of what is familiar and comforting is hard and it can be really scary if you haven’t had a lot of practice with change. But take heart- everyone experiences fear and can get through the uncomfortable feelings that surface (and pass) when you change up your life.. I’ve learned that moving forward despite the fear is energizing, unleashes creativity, and makes you feel truly alive.

You don’t need to make a drastic change to move your life in a new direction. Small changes can create powerful momentum that break down the fear and the self-imposed limits that keep us from being fully awake in our lives.

 Start small. Why not try the coffee shop on the other side of the street, or energize your self with a fruit smoothie, instead of your regular caffeine beverage, or try a different route on your run today?

Who you meet, and what you might experience as you make even this small change could steer your life in a new direction. Aren’t you ready to wake up to that adventure?

If you need more ideas on adding adventure to your life download my Adventurous Living Guide.

With love and light,

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