Creating Space for Your New Year Desires


“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us”.  ~Hal Borland

As this year comes to a close it’s a good time to take stock of what has been and what your heart desires for the New Year.

I typically create a vision board, a collage of images, detailing my dreams and my intentions for the upcoming year. Developing a clear vision of what I want in my life allows me to focus my energies into creating these desires. It is true that what we focus our attention on expands. So as this year ends I sit quietly and ask myself, “WHAT DO I WANT?”

Setting the intention, however, is not enough to create your dreams. Yes, you need to take action but for intentions to manifest  you also need to let go of the past, the things that are blocking you from living your passion filled life. You don’t want to carry things you don’t need into to the the upcoming year. By consciously looking at what is taking up space in your heart and your mind that may be sabotaging your dreams will enable you to release it.

Last year, I had placed an image of a couple on my vision board. Did a relationship appear? No. While having a special someone in my life was something I desired, fear usurped the intention. I had filled my heart with suspicion and mistrust. I hadn’t let go of the pain around my heart, inflicted by too many losses. It was safer to fold within, away from the outside world and any more potential heartache, then it was to risk loving again. So the end of the year I find myself alone.  For 2013 I have let go of the pain stored in  my body, plus many other blocks interfering with my intentions, and will move into the new year with an open heart, ready for and expecting love.

By making a conscious decision to leave behind everything you don’t want to bring forward will prevent your intentions from being sabotaged in the new year.

So today spend a few quiet moments alone. Ask yourself what  do you want to let go of? What things are preventing you from obtaining the happiness, peace and abundance you desire and deserve? Make a list of all the unhealthy habits, emotional patterns, harsh words you spoke, toxic relationships, and anything else you are hanging on to and don’t want to take in the new year with you. Be gentle with yourself when you start. Looking at the past can be hard for some of us. Don’t dwell on past mistakes. Instead give thanks for the lessons learned.  Then when you are done writing, free yourself from the past, by getting rid of the list. (I burnt mine in the evening fire. ) This simple ritual of letting go of the past, will make you feel freer, your heart lighter, and will create new open spaces in your life for all that you do desire to come rushing in.

Wishing you peace, love and joy in 2013!

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