Don’t Let Your Dreams Slip Past

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” ~ T. S. Eliot

Have you ever wanted to take a risk but then didn’t? Maybe there was a job you wanted to apply for, a special someone you wanted to ask out, or a new activity you hungered to try; but you didn’t take action. Then you watched the moment sail by and you were left with regret. We have all been there.

Taking risks means leaning into the fear. It sounds scary, but when you move into the fear and the uncertainty, it can be so sweet!

While I have taken many risks in my life, I am now facing one that feels bigger than leaving a bad relationship, hiking the West Coast Trail, or starting my own company.The risk I am now facing is putting down my armour to show my true vulnerable self to the world. So with fear but also excitement I am taking the leap and putting ME uncensored into the world. I feel in my recent writings I have been censoring myself, fearful of how others may receive my words. But it is time to stand in my own truth. I can’t take responsibility of how people will respond.

I have been called by the Divine to share my journey and desperately want other women to benefit from my hard won lessons without having to be completely broken open, like I was.

Not everyone will agree with what I have to say or how I share it, but that’s ok. If I can make a difference in the life of just one woman, help just one other person live a life of purpose, filled with freedom and joy, than I have accomplished what I have been called to do.

It takes courage to put yourself “out there”. You have to hold tight the belief that what you are doing is deeply valid. You have to be strong to ignore the naysayers. Being vulnerable isn’t about being weak. Its about being strong- strong enough to face your fears and endure the unpleasant feelings that come from being way out of your comfort zone. But like all feelings, they pass. I have tasted the sweetness of rewards that come from taking the risk. They are delightful!

We can’t allow fear to stop us from being who we are. We all have a unique voice that needs to be heard. So today I am giving myself permission to be vulnerable, to be authentic, to be ME. And I hope by doing so I can show you that taking risks nod leaning into your fears is what makes life truly delicious!

With light, love and adventure,


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