Refuse to Sink
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Refuse to Sink


Refuse to Sink is a little book with a big message of hope and encouragement for anyone facing adversity. Whether you have experienced a job loss, divorce, an illness, death of a loved one, or any other personal storm, this book offers up quotes of inspiration and encouragement to those who find themselves struggling in their life. The book includes exercises to help the reader on their journey to transform their experience from one of fear and despair to one of hope and opportunity.

“Choose Happy”
Mantra Bracelet


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Wear this beautiful mantra bracelet to remind yorself throughout your day that you have the power within to choose happiness in any moment.

Made from pure aluminum, 1/4″ in width. One size fits all and can be gently opened and tightened to your wrist. $40cdn.

ChoiceMaker Quiz™
How you Choose


Discover how to create an inspired & purposeful life with the Power of Choice.

  • Are your choices moving you towards the life you desire or further away from it?
  • Do you understand why you make the choices you do?
  • Do you want to learn how to make more powerful choices?

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We all have the gift to choose a life of passion and purpose. Having the awareness of how you make the difficult choices in your life is the first step to living empowered and free.