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The weekly podcast inspires women to step into their power, claim their passion and expand their happiness. With guests sharing tools and strategies on creating a blissful life in the 21st century, you will be motivated to take that first step into creating a life you truly love.

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My guest, Jackie McDonald, is passionate about teaching sensitive ambitious women how to use their gifts intuitively, avoid burn out and achieve success with soul. She is an EFT Practitioner, Speaker and Leader to Sensitive and Successful Women. Her journey with Emotional Freedom Techniques started in 2011 after loosing 5 ...
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Are you ready to change the world? Join my guest Anne-Sophie as she shares how to tap in to the power of our own story to create a message that spreads love, makes sales and changes the world. After leaving a pretty-on-paper communications career, Anne-Sophie Dumetz founded She’s a Changemaker, ...
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Don’t keep anxiety as your companion any longer! Anxiety can keep us panic-stricken and keep us paralyzed from taking action to move forward creating the life we want. Listen in as Baya, a shamanic healer and therapist, teaches us how to use EFT and laughter to overcome anxiety and return to ...
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Hail to the Queen of Positivity!   If you are unclear about your life’s purpose or ever wondered if you will  feel happy again, make space in your day to  listen to this interview. Tamara Vanlint is a speaker, life alignment mentor and essence illuminator. She has helped hundreds of ...
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Today’s podcast guest is Maija-Liisa Nyborg Adams. You will love her tips for success. She is a big believer in creating a personal mission statement, finding clarity and taking inspired action. Maija-Liisa is a personal public speaking coach and professional presentations consultant who has worked with people in many Fortune 500 companies ...
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Join my guest freedom coach, Marlo Ellis, as we explore how to connect with our confidence, power and inner goddess. Marlo shares how we can shift from working on perfecting the outside to fixing the pain and broken pieces on the inside. Only by letting go of the past can we ...
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Since I first met Mary I’ve been enamored with her ability to live a happy life on her own terms. She is an author, speaker and merriment maker who believes her purpose on this planet is to bring happiness to other people. She’s struggled with mental illness since she was ...
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Nicole Haley helps women navigate the world of dating and relationships. She teaches women how to take a different approach to dating and engaging with men so they ultimately can attract and keep the relationship they want. She was recently featured on Global BC Morning News and CKNW Sunday Night ...
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I first met Courtney at a conference many years ago where she received an award for her courage and her work creating awareness for a genetic disorder she lives with. Despite her multiple challenges, she lives life with an incredible vulnerability and acceptance that is inspiring! Courtney bubbles with enthusiasm ...
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