Journal Scribbles #5

“Writing is thinking on paper.”~ William Zinsser Self-love is an everyday challenge. Through writing we can explore where we have put up barriers that prevent us from feeling worthy and deserving of our own love. Journaling helps us explore our inner world allowing us to gain insights and clarity to transform our world. For you dedicated … Continued

Journal Scribbles #4

  better financial  “We must work through, and deal with our stuff, or it will deal with us.” ~ Stacy Duplease Here are a few writing prompts to keep you writing and exploring your inner world. 1. Write down places you’ve enjoyed visiting. 2.Record your favourite books, songs or movies. 3. Look back over your life … Continued

Journal Scribbles #3

 “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in a train.” ~ Oscar Wilde 1. Keep a bucket list of all the things you want to do. Add to it and check off the ones you accomplish. You will feel a great sense of achievement. Right now my list includes, trying … Continued

Journal Scribbles #2

“For any writer who wants to keep a journal, be alive to everything, not just to what you’re feeling, but also to your pets, to flowers, to what you’re reading.” ~ May Sarton If you need a little help in getting started on your journey to self-love here are a few more writing exercises to … Continued

Journal Scribbles

You bought your journal and made your pledge of self-love. But if you are new to the journaling process you may be wondering what to do next. By providing a space to explore our inner world journaling can strengthen our love for ourselves and help us realize who we are. In your journal record your thoughts, experiences, … Continued